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These abayas are crafted in fruits & vegs | Discover Yello, the UAE-based brand revolutionizing sustainability

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The first sustainable and ethical abaya brand in the Middle East has now launched. The story of Yello started back in February 2023 when Palestinian entrepreneur Zein Altawil, saw a gap in the market for sustainable abayas. Born from the realization that modest fashion was lacking eco-conscious options to pick from, Zein decided to come up with stylish pieces that are created from the most sustainable fabrics available.
Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, heat-resistant and in durable fabrics, the Yello abayas are crafted in materials derived from fruits and vegetables, including sugarcane, oranges, banana fibres and pineapple shell waste, which is completely unheard of in the world of abayas.

At Yello, every step of the creation is meticulously taken care of. The brand is committed to its ethical sourcing and safety standards which is backed by their certifications, making sure every piece meets the highest sustainability benchmarks.
Yello has proudly achieved to significantly reduced carbon emissions and water usage, with each of their abaya saving approximately 12kg of CO2 and around 6796 liters of water.
Looking at it from another perspective, every piece saves the amount of water it needs to fill 27,000 standard cups, and enough carbon emissions to plant approximately 200 tree seedlings for a year. That’s the type of numbers we’re happy to read about, in a world where the fashion industry just keeps creating more and more waste.

Since launching last year, Yello has saved an impressive 1.5 million liters of water and 10,000kg of CO2 emissions, a true reflection of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

A general ethos not only applied to their designs, the brand’s packaging also minimizes waste; think reusable tote bags, accompanied by a plantable thank-you note and a sustainability tag.

With a goal to lead the region’s fashion industry as a circular and zero-waste fashion brand, Yello’s vision is to set new standards for sustainable shopping in the MENA and beyond.

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