The Great Design Disaster disrupts the rules of art collection

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The Great Design Disaster (TGDD) has no intention to serve whatever has been served before. Think fresh, think innovative, think out of the box. Gatserelia and Herro started this design project in the hopes of connecting collectors to artisans, involving the collectors themselves in the design process of their dream piece. But what exactly are we talking about? “A start-up with little more than a year of life but with a fresh idea on how to deliver truly remarkable pieces to the most demanding collectors. The company, founded by designer Gregory Gatserelia and myself Joy Herro, is dedicated to matching collectors with artisans in creating totally original custom design pieces. We facilitate our clients dialogue with artisans from initial design to construction to delivery.”

The Great Design Disaster is quite revolutionizing and thought-provoking but how can design disrupt someone’s life? “TGDD tends to change the rules of the design game. We help our clients to evaluate their individual needs instead of imposing trends that could satisfy them for a very short time. Why not fulfill our needs as they arise, one person, one table? That person’s table.” Told us Herro.
In 2021, all eyes are also on eco-friendliness and sustainability. In that sense, TGDD not only wishes to make it part of the plans, it is the CORE of the project : « We want a market that starts with ideas, where there are no consumers, only pairings of desires with those who can realize them. No shopping, just building dreams. And there is no limit to where or who, of cost or product. TGDD is poised to engage the whole of human production, resetting it in an age where concerns regarding waste and pollution have reached emergency proportions, its mission is one geared towards re-evaluating who we are and how we live, it is luxurious and essential at the same time” explains Herro.

So what more does TGDD promise? Well, designers at heart, perfectionists and adventurer, hear us out: you can now be a part of the design process from conception to finish, as Herro explains:
“We meet the collector, evaluate his desire – his idea – we make sure that home can accommodate it appropriately. Then, we find his creative craftsman. We manage all the logistics of such an endeavor from start to finish, trouble-shooting and facilitating along the way as needed. The collector can watch his thoughts take shape until the day of the “big meeting”, his encounter with the piece he created.”
Based in Milan, where “the relationships are still human” says Herro, TGDD has no intention to limit itself in terms of achieving goals. As their manifesto highlights it: “Who knows, if all goes well, one day you’ll pay a tiger to knit a baby-blanket for your grandchild while cruising over the pristine Amazon, in a mag-lev spaceship”
We sure as hell hope it all goes well.

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