Prada Men SS25 invited us to take a closer look at emotions

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A flair of nonchalance was floating in the air at the Prada SS25 Men show. For next summer, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons settle on a contemporary discourse, reinventing the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada as a fairytale ravescape, serving as a canvas for the youthful, optimistic and free-spirited looks that unfolded before our eyes.

Not a season goes by without having us think “how do they do it?” – A duo so perfect it seems like they share the same creative brains. With a similar aesthetic vision, that if it can differs, compliments, Prada x Simons is an affair that keeps on seducing.
For SS25, the pair says they wanted to “create clothes that have lived a life, that are alive in themselves,” which translates into pieces purposefully looking worn, creased, patinated, exuding a taste of another era ,as if stolen from mom and dad.

The proportions, as it is often the case at Prada, are exaggerated: the hems are too long or too short, the waists are dramatically low, the jackets’ and pullo-overs’ sleeves sit right under the elbow as if borrowed from a younger brother. As per the collars, the ones that make it above the V-necks are saying “I don’t care about the norms.”

The Prada man is also once again provided with killer accessories, from the belts to the totes and the sunglasses that create a bridge between past and future . The printed t-shirts celebrate the art of Bernard Buffet, just as concert merch would.

The touches of poppy oranges, yellows or purples come clash the heaven-like decor bringing a perspective of a reality and a focus to the outfits, gathering our attention to the now.

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