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Our favorite regional jewelry brands to dazzle on Eid Al-Adha

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It’s that time of the year again. Not that we need a celebration to wear our most magnificent jewels, but it’s certainly a good reason to dazzle a little extra.
JDEED gathered its favourite local jewelry brands to help you make all heads turn come Eid.



At JDEED, we love Baguette, the distinguished fine jewelry brand who takes its name from the Baguette diamond cut. On a mission to make women feel powerful and free to express their uniqueness and resilience, Baguette hopes to allow women to “make a bold statement in their everyday lives and for special occasions.” 

A brand inspired by the rich history and allure of the Baguette cuts, their pieces are both feminine and strong, making sure you feel unstoppable. Jasmin Baruh Siloni co-founder, tells us: “I’ve always had a love for jewelry and sentimentality of it. I feel like more than any other item that a person can purchase, jewelry is the one that is the most personal and the one that carries the most significance and important stories

While designing Jasmin thinks of women who “carry themselves confidently, that have inner strength but also can still appreciate and showcase their femininity.”

And while the co-founder’s love for diamonds is undeniable, she confesses she’d love to “explore the possibilities of underrated stones, just like tourmalines.”
Describing her brand as “modern, Feminine and telling stories”, Baguette Design pieces are committed to excellence and authenticity, incorporating its signature color stone, Amethyst, in each piece. 


In 1986, La Marquise Jewellery was born from a vision to transform the finest precious stones into extraordinary pieces of art. Through the years, the brand managed to quickly established itself as a beacon of luxury and craftsmanship in the heart of Dubai.
From its humble beginnings, the brand has managed, by putting a major emphasis on meticulous craftsmanship, to turn every piece into a unique statement of elegance and to acquire a reputation beyond the Middle East.
Under the leadership of CEO Nishith Shah, La Marquise expanded its operations, establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dubai, one of the largest in the UAE.

With over 150 skilled artisans who create fine jewellery using 18-karat gold, La Marquise is also dedicated to putting inclusiveness and community at its core.
From the artisans who craft the jewelry to the sales associates who interact with customers, everyone at La Marquise embodies these values. This inclusive approach has helped the brand build a loyal customer base and continually push the boundaries of what is possible in jewelry design.

As La Marquise continues to grow, it remains committed to its founding principles. The brand’s future includes plans to further expand its global presence and introduce even more innovative designs. With a legacy of excellence and a culture of inclusiveness, La Marquise Jewellery is poised to continue its journey as a leader in the luxury jewelry market, enchanting customers with every piece it creates.

FHK by Style Gallery

Contemporary Emirati label FHK by Style Gallery knows how to make their customers absolutely stylish. The brand, that is based in Abu Dhabi, specializes in everyday accessible jewelry, targeting specifically a younger audience who has a soft spot for sophistication.
The cultural heritage of the UAE being at their core, FHK’s founder, Fatma Hamad Al Ketbi, successfully marries tradition with innovation, offering a modern interpretation of Emirati culture : “I’ve had a deep love for rings ever since my father gifted me one when I was a child.  In my first year of university, I searched for daily rings that could reflect my personality and complement my style. I wanted to create pieces that were not only unique but also affordable for women my age. Sharing this passion with my loved ones became a driving force, and my beautiful journey began there.”

Fatma’s father, Hamad Suhail Al Ketbi, was the visionary behind FHK’s parent company, Style Gallery. Today, she’s walking in his footsteps, proposing creations that can qualify as wearable art and that draw their inspiration from FHK’s distinctive collections such as Al Fakhr – A Tribute to National Pride or Sway With Me – Celebrating the Rhythm of Life.

It’s unsurprisingly that Fatma who qualifies the brand as “timeless, bespoke and bold” picked an extremely powerful and elegant personality as her icon: “Sheikha Fatima, may God bless her, is my ultimate role model. She embodies elegance, strength, and inspiration. Her dedication to empowering women and creating positive change motivates my creative process immensely. She is a constant reminder of the impact strong, visionary women can have, and I strive to reflect these qualities in every piece I create.”
We’re absolutely aligned with this spirit of impacting and empowering young women and love FHK’s collections not just for their aesthetic but for the message behind them. As per the stones themselves, Fatma confesses: “I love working with rubies and multi-colored sapphires. These stones offer a vibrant and unique aesthetic, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.”


Aariya Diamonds, a brand known for its master artisans and bespoke diamonds has managed, through the years to set incredibly high standard in the world of fine jewellery and high jewellery excellence. 
With every piece exuding perfection, Aariya diamonds loves nothing more than celebrating life’s most precious moments (there are -the- specialists of engagement rings…) all while paying attention to ethical sourcing and upholding responsible practices in the diamond industry.
…, founder, tells JDEED: “It was a dream and passion of mine to one day become a recognised brand on the red carpet and on the global stage with stores worldwide. It was dream that I had to fulfill and my ambition to create a legacy.
Her who qualifies the brand as “Powerful, strong and unstoppable” designs for all women, highlighting their incredible power: “mentally and physically women endure a lot through there lifetime, from a young age. They feel a pressure both socially and sometimes from their family. They truly have superpowers.”

A fan-base include high-value clients and celebrities, the brand is the perfect perfectly accompanies their cutomers  on different life occasions, with a particular love for diamonds, “Fancy cut especially. Fancy cut diamonds are apart of our DNA. It enables us to create unique and show stopping designs.”


Tryyst, the avant-garde fine jewellery brand, also now has a foot in the world of high-end luxury. The brand boasts a unique and vibrant spirit, proposing joyful and playful creations.
Not exactly the conventional jewelry you could picture, Tryyst’s pieces are joyful and youtfhul, from an elephant head to a Zodiac collection, all meticulously crafted: “The inspiration to create TRYYST came from my passion for blending luxury with personal expression. I wanted to design diamond jewelry that not only highlights individuality but also establishes a deep, meaningful connection with the wearer,’ tells us Pooja, founder.

An undying commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking creation process are two of Tryyst’s biggest assests. The brand, qualified by Pooja as “boundary-breaking, empowering and unscripted” is all about adding a little adventure to our everyday styles. 
With this free-spirited creation process, it’s with no surprise that Pooja tells us about the women that inspire her, both strong, adventurous and confident: “Princess Diana will forever inspire my designs with her timeless elegance and compassionate spirit. In today’s world, Zendaya’s bold fashion choices also captivate me. Zendaya embodies a modern elegance that resonates with my design ethos, while Diana’s grace remains my foundational inspiration.”

We absolutely adore the charms, earrings, and bracelets from The Soul Collection and especially the Zodiac Charms and Precious Alphabet Charm (anything to reflect our personality in style) and luckily for us, the designer’s favourite stone is one of our favourite too: “My favorite stone to work with is mother of pearl. Its shimmering beauty and organic texture bring a unique and timeless elegance to designs. The natural variations in each piece of mother of pearl create a distinctive charm, allowing for truly one-of-a-kind jewelry that reflects both classic and contemporary aesthetics.”


With a designer loving vibrant colours, artisanal craft and intricate jewellery making, it was only natural for Meghna Biswas when she created Zome Design that her pieces would be the ultimate meeting of craftsmanship and colored gemstones.
A creative at heart, Biswas put herself a goal to “celebrate the allure of colored gemstones and transform them into wearable art,

En route to become a regional leader with their unique, innovative pieces, the brand is setting new standards for jewellery design and gemstone-incorporation in the region.
About the inception of Zome, Meghna tells us “My background as an interior designer has always fueled my passion for all fields of design and creation, especially the play of forms, colors, and patterns. This naturally led me to explore the world of multi-gemstone jewelry. I wanted to bring something unique to the market, combining the traditional elegance of fine jewelry with avant-garde designs and innovative techniques like enameling and filigree, and multi purpose pieces. And thus, Zome was conceptualized.” 

The brand will definitely please the bold character among us, Biswas envisioning a woman who “is (…)independent and unapologetically herself,” while designing, she says,  “much like Frida Kahlo.”

Bold & edgy , distinctive, and innovative” Zome pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry and creates colorful memories to last a lifetime.