Meet Mohammad Murad, the mastermind behind Flick

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Mohammad Murad is a fast-thinking entrepreneur who could anticipate what the cool kids of Dubai would be dying to get their hands on before they even knew.
As a self-taught photographer who grew up in the 90s, it only made sense that Murad would link these elements together and come up with Flick, a disposable camera that nourishes our cravings for nostalgia.
Helping you create memories from events to simple sunsets, Flick is also building a community through social media, and notably their Instagram where some of the best shots are featured.
For JDEED special GCC, Mashael Alsaie captured Anas Bukhash with this object of desire, making it the first of our covers shot on disposable camera and the first cover for Flick. Meanwhile, we talked to Murad to get to know more about what’s passing through his genius mind.

Mohammad, tell us a bit about your background and how did FLICK come to life?

After going through the pandemic and a bit of a rough time before with other projects, this idea came to me in a moment of clarity through all the chaos. Being very much into photography before COVID and into events management etc, the idea of FLICK just came to me and I just ran with it.

Can you tell us a bit about your life right now, how you’re navigating the pandemic, what are your current projects, all of that! We’re curious. 

Apart from FLICK which is very time consuming at the moment, I’m working on 2 more projects. For now, that balance isn’t bad at all, but I do see the need of maybe getting a few extra hands in the near future to allow me to focus on the vision I have for all my projects.

Murad for Level Shoes

You were born and raised in Dubai where you still live. What are the best things about growing up in the city and how has it shaped you as a creative?


I think the best part was growing with the city, expanding our vision while maintaining our roots. A big part of that is also due to the fact that there was a lack of connection that we have today which made room for us to be more creative with the tools we have rather than the wide array of tools available to the generations growing up today.

What have been the reactions from the public towards FLICK and did you expect them? 

I’m blessed to say that my support system is so insanely loving and supportive, but even while knowing that, I still didn’t expect the initial reaction that I got. It was beyond incredible to be honest.

What’s the most Dubai thing I could do if I only had 24 hours in town?

Easy, the desert! 

From YourFlick’s Instagram

What’s next for FLICK?

There’s A LOT in the pipeline! I prefer to show you soon enough.

Your dream person to catch on FLICK?

Honestly speaking, every time I see one out in public, it’s a dream come true. Just the fact that people are experimenting with something they don’t know, or going back to something they used to know, is amazing.

Catch up with the Flick wave on their Instagram and get your own from here!