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Fundamentals elevated | Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu SS22 collection reinvents classics

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“A sweater, a trench, a blazer” could be the answer to “which are 3 essentials everyone needs in their closet?” Miuccia Prada knows it very well, but if she is going to do it her way, you guessed it, these staples will certainly not look just “basic”.
Whenever Miu Miu comes to mind, it’s a farandole of glitters, regressive prints, cool girls and fun yet incredibly contemporary fashion that we picture, the ideal combination of classic and daring, sense given to the expression “with a twist”.
This season, that memo was executed perfectly, with all our favorites reinvented, from your OG sweater loosing some length to your skirt’s waistline dropping to a very 2000’s low-point. If you started an abs routine, now isn’t a good time to stop.

The Miu Miu woman of next Spring is an ode to freedom, no one will tell her what to wear, from the cropped-est of tops to a full cover-up in loose, comfy woven pieces, a micro-skirt to an embellished party gown, the codes are none but her own.
What could have been a risqué silhouette is balanced by seemingly genderless looks: think a raw-edge trench coat with matching wide-legs pants. As per the accessories, when the styling isn’t finished by a pointed-toe pumps that scream cool Working Girl, or a bi-tones Salome, Miu Miu trusted New Balance with the reworking of existing pieces: “ (…) the 574 sneaker is re-proposed in white, khaki or blue denim, with raw-cut edges.”

The collection, that is intending to be “a reaction to and reflection of reality, an economy, a freshness found in iterations of eternal, universal garments” is exactly just that, the ultimate reassurance that sometimes it doesn’t take a trip to Mars to give an edge to that blazer you’ve had hanging in your closet for years. Miu Miu is “Back to Basics” in the most Miu Miu of ways and we’re here for it.