Dubai-based brand creator Ducklife launches fashion line in partnership with UNHCR to support MENA refugees

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DUCKLIFE has announced the launch of a new fashion line that carries its name, DUCKLIFE COLLECTION, this past December 21st  in partnership with UNHCR MENA enabling a continuous support of refugees in the MENA.

It’s a total of  9 oversized and genderless t-shirts that constitute the collection, which has been made available through the brand’s own online shop at

“The motivation has always been to create brands that we can be proud of and this new venture is undoubtedly our most valuable contribution so. We simply cannot accept the reality that refugees live with today. What a terrible waste of talent and dreams.”  Says Christian Eid, DUCKLIFE founder and CEO at DUCKLIFE COLLECTION.


And buy purchasing these t-shirts, one amazing news is that 25% of sales are going directly to support MENA refugees with a UNHCR partnership. Christian Eid goes on to say:

The opportunity here is incredible. Can we create an apparel brand that strikes in style, brings lasting and impactful support to refugees, and also changes the narrative around the crisis to show the region that this is a problem worth solving? Bottom line, how we treat refugees today is wrong. People are the single most valuable creation of this planet and right now, refugees are the biggest waste of talent or resources out there. RIDICULOUS.” 

DUCKLIFE COLLECTION‘s aim is to create collections that feature different approaches, but that remain supportive to refugees through UNHCR.