Dive into “Wonders of Nature Reimagine”, the latest collection by Azza Fahmy

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Discover Azza Fahmy’s new collection ‘Wonders of Nature Reimagined’inspired by nature and life forms. The brand’s Head of Design, Amina Ghali wanted to create extravagant yet classic pieces that breath creativity, finding a middle ground between perfection and imperfection.

A signature in traditional peasant jewelry for over 200 years, the Snake, especially in Ancient Egypt, represents power and fertility. In the context of this collection, the snake is used as “a symbol for rebirth, transformation and healing“.

One stunning interpretation is the 18Kt Gold Cabochon Snake Necklace, adorned with 21 color-enhancing cabochon gemstones, that is available in different rich shades and stone options. The Mabarim Technique is here used by Amina Ghali in her creative process, resulting in an “18Kt Gold Wrap-around Snake Ring, embellished with sapphire and diamonds or emerald and turquoise.

Moving on to the second chapter of the 4 composing this new collection, the Eyes & Stars chapter comprises of twisted wire work, which Azza Fahmy used to reimagine “the medal awarded to civil servants by the Sublime Porte and utilizes the star and crescent for the studs, referencing prominent symbols in Ottoman history.

The third chapter is looking at power and strengths, as a personification of nature. With a clear inspiration drawn from floral motifs, the collection proposes four handcrafted gorgeous pieces. An ode to beautiful words by renowned Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez, the ‘الهوى هوايا Earrings’ are “inscribed with handwritten calligraphy by Azza Fahmy, expressing words of endearment and affection.

Last but not least, the Classics medley of pieces, wraps up this collection, highlighting “positive affirmations through poetic words, all the while featuring Azza Fahmy’s identifying wirework.” We can recognize some art deco influence, showing through the “classic yet modern Tassel Art Deco Necklace and the Multi-Way Art Deco Necklace, capable of being styled in a multitude of ways, from a necklace, bangle, or belt.” And you, what chapter would you go for?

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