Dafydd Thomas, ghd’s Global Head of Education tells us about Unplugged, the brand’s new cordless straightener you’ll need

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Think of a compact and cordless styler that allows you to have perfect hair anywhere, anytime? ghd did it. Light, portable, and powerful, a short 45 seconds heat up time, you’ll have a continuous 20 minutes to realize the look you need. But it doesn’t stop there; the ghd unplugged delivers “65% more shine with no strings attached”. Just like a phone, the device recharges using a USB-C charging cable, which you can do from your home or your car, or wherever you please really . And if you’re a bit goofy like us, do not worry: this tool comes with a heat-resistant carry case. JDEED spoke to Dafydd Thomas, ghd’s Global Head of Education, to know more about the brand, his career and this new one-of-a-kind styler.

Hi Dafydd! Can you tell us a bit how your career started and how you started with GHD?

My main inspiration growing up was my Mother. As a third-generation hair stylist, I was transfixed with watching my Mother rework hair in her salon. Another inspiration of mine is solely the transformation process my clients go through- not just in image-wise but feeling the client’s mood light up is priceless.
My journey started with an apprenticeship in my hometown. I then moved to Cardiff and worked for big salon for a few years eventually becoming their Artistic Director. I went on to win a British hairdressing award and at the same time became a of the member F.A.M.E team.
I decided to start working freelance for ghd, traveling to some amazing places including Australia, the UAE and Eastern Europe where I took part in shows and product launches for the brand. I later joined ghd full time in 2016 which takes me to where I am now Global Head of Education.

How has the journey been from starting with the company to being named Head of Education? What does your role entail, on a daily basis?

Being the Global Head of Education involves me executing, creating and educating curriculum that is taught globally. Global brand campaigns and NPD are big passions of mine therefore working with the ghd Cambridge lab to create new and exciting products for ghd is always a proud moment.
As well as NPD, what I love about being Global Head of Education at ghd is being able to work with numerous markets around the world and having influence from so many different hairdressers. The trend in North America can be so different to the trends in Asia and to be a part of this mixing pot of inspiration and creativity is something I’m ever grateful for.

Chiara Ferragni, ghd ambassador

We’re very excited to know more about the new Unplugged cordless styler – a women’s dream! How did the product come about?

Ghd Unplugged is a must-have tool in my kit bag at the moment. I can honestly say it’s a tool that professionals and consumers have all been asking for for years. So we brought together our professional heritage and Cambridge knowledge to develop the best cordless styler on the market. We were so insistent that this was going to be the best available it took us over 10 years to get the product just right. What I love about ghd is that we as a brand will not bring out any products that don’t have the ghd professional standard and this tool is no exception. I love using it on a daily basis, whether I’m putting the finishing touches on a celebrity and their red-carpet hair, backstage at fashion week or creating a beautiful hairstyle for the latest ghd campaign, it’s the perfect top up tool. With it being so light and portable there’s no excuse for my clients not to have a good hair day all the time. It’s the new handbag hero!

What are some of your favourite style to create using the GHD products, and, tough one, but which is your favourite GHD product overall?

For me hair should always feel soft and have a natural movement to it. I love the kind of hair that my clients can run their hands through and play with throughout the day. Personally, I don’t like to use too much hairspray as I feel it makes the hair look too set that is why I love ghd products because they style at the optimum temperature at 185. I know the hair the protected and will feel at it’s best. Additionally, with ghd’s unparalleled technologies, I know the hair is going to last no matter the style. My favourite look to create on my clients at the moment is a soft undone wave. Styled into a centre parting with a 70s inspired fringe, it oozes glamour and sophistication but with a sexy edge. Choosing my favourite ghd tool is such a hard task because I couldn’t be the stylist I am without them. But if I was forced to choose one it would have to be platinum plus. Its such a versatile tool and I can create endless styles with it. It’s a must-have for every woman!

“With it being so light and portable there’s no excuse for my clients not to have a good hair day all the time. It’s the new handbag hero!”

How would you describe the GHD presence on the MENA markets and do you believe the approach to beauty and hair styling in this region is different than in other places you’ve witnessed?

MENA has to be one of my favourite places to visit. I love the countries, and everyone is so welcoming. It’s important that no matter where we are as a brand we seek out the professionals endorsement and it’s so reassuring to see so many professionals use and love our tools in these markets. Having a presence in premium retailers is also important as ghd is considered an aspirational brand. From a hair styling point of view, the looks and styles that consumers ask for in the region are super on trend with a touch of glamour. The hair here tends to be thicker and longer than many other markets. This is the perfect reason to own a ghd here as with our unique technologies you are able to style faster, take larger sections all without compromising on the hair’s health or end style. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural texture or transform your hair to a sleek, groomed wave; ghd has a tool for you no matter your hair type or texture.

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