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Beenish Mahmood is the jewelry designer celebrating the beauty of life through her art

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Beenish Mahmood’s love for jewels dates back to her young girl days, an obsession that kept growing and took the designer through incredible adventures.
Her learning journey started in Pakistan at the Pakistan Institute of Design, where she was trained in Haute Couture to The Gemological Institute of America in New York and Carlsbad where she studied Gemology and Jewelry Design (and even won the prestigious Students Choice Award!)
For Beenish, jewelry design is more than just her job – she says that every piece she crafts “embodies a fragment of [her] soul,”
JDEED spoke to Beenish to know more about her artistry, brand and vision.

Images: Céline Lilas Safadi by Dawid Rus for JDEED Magazine

Hi Beenish! Tell us, how did you decide to launch your own brand?

The decision to launch my own brand was always inevitable for me. With a background in jewelry and gemology from GIA, coupled with experience working for renowned global brands, the path seemed clear. However, it was the arrival of my son that truly reshaped my priorities. I made a conscious choice to prioritize my family, putting my career on hold. While I have no regrets about this decision, my passion for my craft never truly faded; it remained quietly alive within me, perpetually yearning for expression.
After years of conforming to external expectations, I find myself at a turning point. I am taking a pause to reflect inwardly, to rediscover my authentic self and to pursue my own aspirations and potential. The loss of my parents, particularly my mother to cancer, also played a significant role in this transformation. Witnessing her grace and bravery inspired me to find solace and strength in my art as a form of healing. Through my designs, I channel the poignant memories and the beauty of life, infusing each piece with genuine emotion. What I create is more than just jewelry; it is a piece of my soul, crafted to resonate deeply with those who wear it.

What is your favorite stone to work with?

As a gemologist, I find it challenging to choose a favorite gemstone. My preference often shifts based on how well a particular stone complements a design, although occasionally a truly remarkable gem will inspire me to craft a piece around it. Among these exceptional gems, I hold a special fascination for what I fondly call “Unicorn Stones” – namely, Alexandrite, Black Opal, and Paraiba Tourmaline. The captivating pleochroism and color-changing properties of Alexandrite, the fiery essence within Black Opal, and the vibrant, luminous hues of Paraiba Tourmaline all contribute to their extraordinary and magical appeal.

“Through my designs, I channel the poignant memories and the beauty of life, infusing each piece with genuine emotion”

Is there a specific woman that you have in mind when creating? Any iconic personality?

I am inspired by the strong women in my family, particularly my mother, who serves as my muse and the driving force behind my art. She embodied a rebellious spirit within the constraints of societal norms for women in her time. Reinventing herself and marching to the beat of her own drum throughout her life. I aspire to embody her strength, and cater to women who share her iconic qualities. One such lady I admire is Amal Clooney, who, in my opinion, epitomizes a well-rounded individual of our era. Her unique and bold fashion sense is surpassed only by her remarkable achievements and intellect.

How would you define the brand in 3 words?


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