ÁNUE is the Saudi online vintage store you need to know

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In a fashion landscape dominated by fast-paced trends and fleeting styles, one online vintage store in Saudi Arabia is standing out by offering a carefully curated virtual wardrobe.  
Founded by Rhea Carina Jaroudi and Kinzy Alsaheal, Anue offers a great curation of vintage clothing for both him and her. 

Left, Rhea Carina Jaroudi / Right, Kinzy Alsaheal

Predominantly proposing luxury brands and quality finds, each piece is preserved “in its original glory,” and has been hand-picked and analyzed by Kinzy & Rhea, allowing them to quality-control the pieces that will go up on the website. 

The launch of ÁNUE

timely coincides with Saudi’s evolving cultural landscape where new ways of thinking and living are encouraged,” says Kinzy. Slow fashion is an ever-growing phenomenon that is as needed as it is appreciated. 

Co-founder Rhea expresses: “By promoting the practice of purchasing secondhand items, ÁNUE aligns with Saudi Arabia’s increasing commitment to sustainability,

Discover ÁNUE and shop the selection on their website, here