Anthony Abou Antoun connects the world with Lebanon through music on one of the highest towers in Beirut

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Despite all the unfortunate events happening around the world and specially in Lebanon, Anthony Abou Antoun, chief executive officer of entertainment and marketing brands decides to connect the globe under one unique platform – adapting into the current COVID19 situation in order to entertain people virtually in a safe and happy environment.




Abou Antoun proudly launched THE CRAZY CITY which happens to be one of the biggest E-commerce platforms across the world providing the user with over one million party items in store. Not only that, but features a live channel on which international lineups and family shows are to take place in the near future – free of charge to anyone from anywhere!


Anthony launched the new brand through a live streamed show in full HD from one of Lebanon’s highest towers as he performed a music set with live interaction through international media platforms. Over 8,500 users attended the show in addition to TV channel, press and influencers.



Abou Antoun declared in an interview “through love and happy moments, we will overcome the crises” – He added that “THE CRAZY CITY has dedicated the first 7 days of sales as a fundraising to support TAMMANA – a non-profit organization aiming at making children’s wishes come true – we will be supporting the children of Beirut that have lost their parents and homes during the explosion; It is their right to celebrate the upcoming holiday season


This is not the first-time Anthony supports the community, as he promoted THE FROZEN CITY ICE WORLD TOUR & JONAS BLUE ON ICE events last Christmas in support of the Children’s Cancer Centre.

Abou Antoun has gained over 6 years of experience in the production field through owning Artists & More Entertainment, Crazy Events, Ibiza Dancers, The Digital Express and recently adding The Crazy City on top of the holding.

Anthony teased us with some fruitful news about the upcoming Christmas season as he promised an unexpected concept which will bring hope to every single person. “I will make sure to make Christmas happen this year and specially for my beloved country. Expect the unexpected” – He added.



To watch a footage from Anthony’s LIVE performance set, make sure to click here!


Pictures/provided by Anthony Abou Anton