Amr Saad | Jewelry and eyewear design

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Amr Saad, the man behind the eponymous brand, is an Egyptian “metal artist”, as he likes to refer to himself. He started off with jewelry design, and has recently rooted for designing eye-wear with the most particular frames. The brand champions craftsmanship as a philosophy, by solely creating handmade pieces. Jdeed had the chance to talk to Amr, to find out more about his brand, his inspirations and future plans.




How did you start your journey as a Jewelry designer? What about the eyewear?

For the Jewelry: After graduating from a business school and working for seven years, I stopped and decided to go to Italy. There, I applied for a jewelry making course and found my true calling.

For the Eyewear: After working with precious metals, I realized that the material could be moulded into any product, At that point it wasn’t about earrings or bracelets, I knew it could go beyond. I decided to apply the jewelry techniques to the eyewear and the result was a 100% handcrafted piece.


How has your Egyptian heritage inspired you? Could you tell us about your most favorite place in Egypt and why? 

Having been educated in Italy and living in Egypt, my artistic values have been inspired from the elements of the Earth with my ingrown rage of making art out of precious metals and stones. I think that the craftsmanship in the Egyptian culture is what inspired me most. As for my favorite place, it is in the south by the red sea, Nuwebaa or Dahab or Marsa Allam. Why you ask? Because some places there are still primitive, untouched and in a way minimal.




What are your favorite materials to work with and to explore with?

Surely gold and silver. I am always open to new materials and to explore new techniques 

Who is the Amr Saad Customer?

The expressive, authentic one.



Can you tell us about some of the challenges you face as a jewelry and eyewear designer?

It is always challenging to find talented craftsmen. Another challenge would be the unstable prices of the materials we use.

What are Amr Saad’s future plans? Any special collaborations or collections?

I am currently looking into making Amr Saad’s signature watch. Watch out for the three special collections coming out starting September, inspired by the three themes that we have within the brand.